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Angela & Michael
(Lost 53 lbs.)

We tried losing weight for years, but nothing stuck. Nutrisystem changed everything! With their personalized plans and delicious meals, we've lost a combined 70 lbs* and feel like a whole new couple. Date nights are more adventurous, and we can finally hike those trails we always dreamed of!

Maria Moston
(Lost 35 lbs.)

Before Nutrisystem, healthy eating felt impossible. Now, with their delicious and nutritious meals, I've dropped 20 lbs* and feel amazing! I have more energy to keep up with my grandkids, and I finally love what I see in themirror. Thanks, Nutrisystem! pen_spark

David Perk
(Lost 30 lbs.)

I always struggled with portion control. Since joining a gym and starting Nutrisystem, I've learned healthy habits and a love for exercise. The convenience of Nutrisystem meals and the support of the gym staff kept me motivated. I'm down 45 lbs* and feeling stronger than ever! pen_spark

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