Ishita Kishore: A Story of Grit and Triumph in UPSC 2022

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NameIshita Kishore
RankAll India Rank 1
Age27 Years
HometownBegumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana
Caste CategoryKayastha Caste
FatherSanjay Kishore (Former Indian Air Force Officer)
MotherJyoti Kishore (Private School Teacher)
QualificationBachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University
Optional SubjectPolitical Science and International Relations
Year of Birth1996
Coaching NameVajiram & Ravi

Early Life:

Born in the year 1996, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Ishita Kishore emerged as a shining star in the field of civil services, securing the coveted title of UPSC Topper for the year 2022. Raised in a middle-class family, Ishita’s journey towards excellence began with a strong foundation of values instilled by her parents, both educators in the local community.

As of the 2022 civil services examination, 933 candidates have qualified, comprising 613 men and 320 women. Notably, among the top 25 applicants, 14 are women. The UPSC conducts the civil services examination annually in three phases—preliminary, main, and interview—to select candidates for the IAS, IPS, and IFS.

Educational Background:

Ishita Kishore previously attended Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), completing her undergraduate studies in economics in 2017. A 26-year-old individual, Kishore, raised by a private school teacher (mother) and an Air Force officer (father), aspires to join the Indian Administrative Service, with a preference for the Uttar Pradesh cadre.

Ishita displayed exceptional academic prowess from a young age, consistently ranking among the top performers in her school. She pursued her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the renowned Banaras Hindu University, where her passion for understanding governance structures and societal dynamics started to blossom.

The Turning Point:

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Ishita made a conscious decision to dedicate herself to public service. Inspired by the transformative impact that civil servants can have on society, she set her sights on the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This decision marked a turning point in her life, steering her towards a path of rigorous preparation and unwavering determination.

UPSC Journey:

Ishita’s journey through the UPSC examination process was nothing short of exemplary. Undeterred by the challenges and intense competition, she adopted a holistic approach to preparation, encompassing a thorough understanding of the subjects, current affairs, and a keen awareness of societal issues. Her disciplined study routine, coupled with a positive mindset, became the driving force behind her success.

Ishita Kishore’s Origin

Born in Begumpet, Hyderabad, Ishita Kishore hails from the state of Telangana. She spent her formative years in Bihar before moving to Delhi, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, known for imparting high-quality education.

Ishita Kishore’s Father

Sanjay Kishore, Ishita Kishore’s father, served as a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. He consistently supported Ishita in all her endeavors.

Ishita Kishore’s Coaching: UPSC Strategy

Ishita Kishore revealed that her preparation involved studying for a minimum of eight to nine hours daily. Expressing that securing the top position in the civil services exam fulfilled a lifelong dream, she emphasized her commitment to advancing women’s empowerment as an IAS officer.

Consistency and discipline are paramount for success in the UPSC civil services exam. Dedicate the hours you deem fit, without comparing yourself to others. Continuous review and adaptation of your study plan are imperative for achieving success.

Striking a Balance:

Beyond academics, Ishita emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Engaging in physical activities, meditation, and maintaining social connections played a crucial role in sustaining her mental and emotional well-being throughout the challenging preparation phase.

During her high school and college years, she actively participated in various extracurricular activities. She led Interact, a Rotary-sponsored group, and engaged in simulated UN meetings at school events. In college, she was involved in the Economic Society and Literary Society, and she interned at the NGO CRY.

Leadership and Social Initiatives:

Ishita Kishore’s commitment to public service extended beyond her aspirations for a bureaucratic role. She actively engaged in community service and led various social initiatives during her preparation years. This hands-on experience not only enriched her understanding of ground realities but also honed her leadership skills, setting her apart as a well-rounded individual.

The Pinnacle of Success:

In the year 2022, Ishita’s hard work and perseverance bore fruit when she secured the top position in the UPSC examination. Her stellar performance in the interview round, coupled with an outstanding written examination score, showcased not only her academic brilliance but also her ability to articulate thoughts and ideas coherently.

Ishita Kishore’s Tips for UPSC Aspirants

Regardless of academic prowess, success in the civil services examination requires dedicated effort and substantial study hours. The journey is lengthy, requiring 40 to 45 hours of weekly preparation. Consistency and discipline serve as crucial elements and tools for candidates aspiring to succeed in this challenging examination.

Future Endeavors:

As Ishita Kishore steps into the hallowed halls of the civil services, she envisions a career dedicated to fostering positive change. Her vision includes implementing innovative policies, addressing societal challenges, and contributing to the nation’s development with compassion and efficiency.


Ishita Kishore’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring civil servants, emphasizing the significance of determination, hard work, and a deep-rooted commitment to the betterment of society. As she embarks on this new chapter, the nation eagerly anticipates the positive impact she is bound to create in the realm of public service.


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