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FamilyFather (retired deputy security officer), two sisters (Jyoti Chhikara Bhuwal and Bindu Chikkara)
WifeNot applicable (Unmarried)
Height5 feet 10 inches (177 cm)
Age30 years (as of 2023)
SisterSisters – Jyoti Chhikara Bhuwal and Bindu Chikkara
Net WorthAbout $2.40 million


In the bustling world of social media and digital influence, Mohit Chhikara stands out as a figure of inspiration and versatility. Born on October 30, 1993, in the historic city of Delhi, India, Mohit has carved a niche for himself as a YouTuber, vlogger, model, and actor. This blog delves into the life of Mohit Chhikara, exploring his journey from a college student to a celebrated personality in the Indian entertainment industry.

The Early Years and Education

Growing up in Delhi, Mohit attended the prestigious Delhi Public School, where he first displayed his flair for creativity and performance. He further pursued Mechanical Engineering at the Delhi Institute of Technology & Management, balancing his academic pursuits with a growing interest in the arts. Mohit’s college years were marked by active participation in dance and acting, leading him to grace the ramp in fashion shows and winning accolades for his performances.

The Rise to Fame

Mohit’s entry into the world of social media and entertainment was influenced by his cousin, the well-known YouTuber Harsh Beniwal. Inspired to create a platform where he could share his passion for travel and Indian culture, Mohit launched his YouTube channel, “Mohit Chhikara Vlogs.” His content, showcasing the richness of Indian heritage and the beauty of its landscapes, quickly garnered attention, establishing him as a popular figure in the digital realm.

Stepping into the Spotlight: Modeling and Acting Career

Mohit’s charisma and talent soon transcended the digital world, leading him to the modeling and acting industry. He featured in the music video ‘Mere Naina’ in 2019, marking his debut in mainstream media. Following this, he appeared in several short films such as ‘School Picnic’ alongside Harsh Beniwal, ‘Who Killed Jessica,’ ‘A Day With A Cringe YouTuber,’ ‘Veer vs Heer,’ and the YouTube film ‘Checkmate.’

Personal Life and Interests

A glimpse into Mohit’s personal life reveals a man with diverse interests. He is an ardent fitness enthusiast, often sharing his gym routines on social media. His love for animals is evident in his affection for his pet cat. Additionally, Mohit’s family, including his retired deputy security officer father and two sisters, Jyoti and Bindu, play a significant role in his life.

Mohit Chhikara: The Automobile Enthusiast

Mohit’s passion is not limited to the digital and film industry. He is a fervent automobile enthusiast, owning a Thar car and a Royal Enfield bike. These possessions are a testament to his love for the open road and the thrill of adventure.

Social Media Influence

Mohit’s presence on Instagram is noteworthy. With a significant following, he engages with his audience through regular posts and stories, sharing glimpses of his daily life, professional endeavors, and personal experiences. This connection with his audience has made him a beloved figure on the platform.


Mohit Chhikara’s journey from a Delhi college student to a multi-talented personality in the entertainment industry is a story of determination, passion, and versatility. His journey serves as an inspiration to many, showing that with hard work and dedication, one can turn their dreams into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What inspired Mohit Chhikara to start his YouTube channel?

Mohit was inspired by his cousin Harsh Beniwal and his own passion for showcasing India’s rich cultural diversity and scenic beauty.

What are some of Mohit Chhikara’s notable acting projects?

Mohit has appeared in projects like ‘Mere Naina,’ ‘School Picnic,’ ‘Who Killed Jessica,’ and ‘Checkmate.’

How does Mohit Chhikara connect with his audience on social media?

Through regular posts and stories on Instagram, Mohit shares his life, professional work, and personal thoughts, engaging actively with his followers.

What are Mohit Chhikara’s interests outside of his professional career?

He is passionate about fitness, traveling, and is a dedicated animal lover, especially fond of his pet cat.

What makes Mohit Chhikara a unique personality in the entertainment industry?

His versatility as a YouTuber, actor, model, and his ability to connect with the audience across different platforms makes him stand out in the industry.

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