Shlok Srivastava: Age, Girlfriend, and Monthly Income Insights

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InformationShlok Srivastava (Tech Burner)
Net Worth in Rupees (as of 2023)₹14 Crore
Monthly Income₹19.72 lakh to ₹24.83 lakh
Income per Month from YouTubeEstimated to be between $11K to $17K (₹8.55 lakh to ₹13.23 lakh approx.)
Age (as of 2023)28 years
GirlfriendRumoured to be Siddhi Bhardwaj


In the dynamic realm of technology and digital content creation, a few names resonate with innovation, humor, and insightful tech reviews. Among them stands a notable figure – Shlok Srivastava, popularly known as Tech Burner. This blog post delves into the life of Shlok Srivastava, uncovering the man behind the YouTube sensation, Tech Burner.

Born on 3rd December 1995 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Shlok Srivastava has carved a niche for himself as a prominent tech influencer and YouTuber. His journey from a tech enthusiast to a successful YouTuber is a tale of passion, dedication, and continuous learning.

Educational Pursuits

Shlok’s academic journey is as impressive as his career in content creation. After completing his schooling at Delhi Public School, he pursued a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering. His college days were not just about academics; it was during this period that the seeds of Tech Burner were sown.

The Rise of Tech Burner

Tech Burner is not just a YouTube channel; it’s a brand synonymous with engaging and entertaining tech content. Shlok Srivastava, with his unique blend of humor and technical know-how, has amassed a substantial following, making Tech Burner a household name among tech enthusiasts in India.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Shlok’s talents are not confined to YouTube alone. He is the founder of Burner Media, under which he operates his tech platform. But his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. Shlok ventured into the fashion industry with his clothing brand, Overlays Clothing, and a phone skin brand named Layers, further diversifying his business portfolio.

Personal Life

While Shlok Srivastava enjoys immense popularity, he maintains a private personal life. He is currently in a relationship with Siddhi Bhardwaj. Despite being a public figure, he prefers to keep details of his personal life away from the limelight.

Net Worth and Income

Shlok Srivastava’s success story is also a testament to his financial acumen. As of 2023, Tech Burner’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.85 million to $3 million. His ventures, including his YouTube channel and clothing brand, contribute to his impressive income, with monthly earnings estimated between 15 Lakh rupees to approximately $41,045.

Tech Burner: A Blend of Humor and Tech Savvy

What sets Tech Burner apart is Shlok’s ability to demystify complex tech topics with a touch of humor. His videos are not only informative but also engaging, making tech reviews accessible to a broad audience. From smartphones to the latest tech trends, Tech Burner has become a go-to source for tech enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

Innovative Entrepreneurial Ventures

Shlok’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in his ventures outside YouTube. Overlays Clothing and Layers are not just businesses but are reflective of his innovative approach to blending technology with lifestyle. These brands cater to a niche audience, offering unique products that resonate with his followers.

Inspiration for the Youth

Shlok Srivastava’s story is particularly inspiring for the youth. His journey illustrates the power of digital platforms in transforming hobbies into successful careers. Through his content, Shlok has not only entertained but also educated his audience, making him a role model for aspiring content creators.

Giving Back to the Community

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shlok Srivastava is known for his efforts to give back to the community. His engagement in various social causes and initiatives reflects his commitment to using his platform for positive change.

Future Prospects

As the digital world continues to evolve, so does the journey of Tech Burner. With every video and venture, Shlok Srivastava continues to explore new horizons. His followers eagerly await his next steps, as he continues to innovate and inspire in the tech world.


Shlok Srivastava, better known as Tech Burner, is more than just a YouTuber. He is a symbol of youthful exuberance, entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for technology. His journey from a tech enthusiast to a successful YouTuber and entrepreneur is an inspiring story for many aspiring creators and tech aficionados. As he continues to innovate and entertain, the Tech Burner brand is poised for greater heights in the digital world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly income of Tech Burner?

Tech Burner, run by Shlok Srivastava, reportedly earns a monthly income of between ₹19.72 lakh to ₹24.83 lakh. This income is primarily generated from his YouTube channels and includes earnings from Google AdSense, brand endorsements, and other sources​​​​.

Why is Tech Burner so rich?

Tech Burner’s wealth can be attributed to his successful YouTube career, where he combines tech expertise with engaging content. His income is bolstered by brand endorsements, his business ventures, and consistent viewer engagement on his channels. This diversified income stream has contributed significantly to his wealth.

Which companies are owned by Shlok Srivastava?

Shlok Srivastava, the face behind Tech Burner, has expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors beyond YouTube. He is the founder of Burner Media, his tech platform, and has ventured into the fashion industry with his clothing brand Overlays Clothing. Additionally, he owns a phone skin brand named Layers, diversifying his business portfolio.

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