Comedian Tanmay Bhat: Life, Career, and Net Worth

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Tanmay Bhat SisterNot publicly known
Tanmay Bhat FamilyMother: Jaya Bhat (employed at a national bank in Mumbai), Father: Arun Bhat, Siblings: Not publicly known
Tanmay Bhat Net Worth$8 million as of 2023
Rega Jha Tanmay BhatTanmay Bhat has reportedly been in a long-term relationship with Rega Jha, the editorial head of BuzzFeed India
Tanmay Bhat FriendsFriends and collaborators include Gursimran Khamba, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, and other comedians and YouTubers like Saiman Says, Sorabh Pant, Ajey Nagar, Kaneez Surka, Zakir Khan, Kusha Kapila, Bhuvan Bam, Anuvab Pal
Tanmay Bhat and Kaneez Surka RelationshipProfessional colleagues; no public disclosure of a personal relationship
Where Does Tanmay Bhat LiveOwns a luxurious house in Mumbai and a property in Bangalore
Tanmay Bhat Net Worth in RupeesApproximately Rs. 66 crores as of 2023
Tanmay Bhat Net Worth ForbesNot specifically listed by Forbes; estimated net worth is $8 million as of 2023
Tanmay Bhat Age36 years (as of 2023)
Tanmay Bhat FeesNot publicly disclosed in detail; monthly income is around Rs. 25 lakhs
Tanmay Bhat Annual IncomeApproximately Rs. 10 crores
Tanmay Bhat CarsHyundai Creta, Toyota Fortuner, Audi Q7

Introduction to Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay Bhat, born on June 23, 1987, is a renowned Indian YouTuber, comedian, scriptwriter, actor, performer, and producer. He co-founded the creative agency All India Bakchod (AIB) with Gursimranjet Singh Khamba and later became its CEO. Tanmay gained further recognition as a judge on Season 1 of Comicstaan, a stand-up comedy competition on Amazon Prime​​.

Tanmay Bhat’s Family Background

Tanmay Bhat was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He attended Seth Chunilal Damodardas Barfiwala High School in Mumbai. Details about his family, including his father, mother, siblings, and marital status, are not widely known. However, he is unmarried and has kept his personal life relatively private​​.

Tanmay Bhat’s Professional Journey and Net Worth

Career Highlights

Tanmay Bhat began his career in entertainment with UTV Bindass’ show, Hass Ley India. He has been involved in various capacities in the entertainment industry, including writing for MTV India’s Wassup and Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan, and working on story, screenplay, and dialogue for Disney India’s Kya Mast Hai Life and NDTV Imagine’s Oye! It’s Friday! with Farhan Akhtar. He also had cameo appearances in movies like Ragini MMS and Mr. X​​.

In 2013, Tanmay co-founded All India Bakchod as a YouTube channel, which later evolved into a creative agency. AIB became known for its sketches, stand-up comedy, and branded content for corporate clients. Tanmay’s Snapchat video in 2016, mimicking Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, stirred significant controversy​​.

After a brief hiatus, Tanmay returned to YouTube in 2019, hosting ‘learning streams’ and engaging in collaborations with other YouTubers and comedians. His work in the advertising sector includes scripting for various TV award shows and advertisements, notably for the financial services company Cred​​​​.

Net Worth Overview

As of 2023, Tanmay Bhat’s net worth is estimated at $8 million, with a monthly income of Rs. 25 lakhs and a yearly income of Rs. 10 crores. His wealth is primarily from his successful career in comedy, along with endorsements and sponsorships​​.

Personal Life

Tanmay Bhat has reportedly been in a long-term relationship with Rega Jha, the editorial head of BuzzFeed India​​.


Tanmay owns a luxurious house in Mumbai and has recently acquired a property in Bangalore worth several crores​​.

Car Collection

His car collection includes a Hyundai Creta, Toyota Fortuner, and an Audi Q7​​.

  1. Hyundai Creta: This is a popular mid-size SUV known for its stylish design, comfortable interiors, and reliable performance. The Hyundai Creta in Tanmay Bhat’s collection is valued at approximately Rs. 17.70 lakhs.
  2. Toyota Fortuner: A robust and spacious SUV, the Toyota Fortuner is known for its rugged build, powerful engine, and off-road capabilities. It comes with a price tag of around Rs. 31.48 lakhs.
  3. Audi Q7: This luxury SUV from Audi is a blend of elegance, advanced technology, and superior comfort. The Audi Q7, a highlight of Tanmay Bhat’s collection, is priced at a hefty Rs. 80.70 lakhs.

Tanmay Bhat’s selection of cars reflects his taste for both luxury and utility, ranging from the stylish Hyundai Creta to the luxurious Audi Q7


Tanmay Bhat’s journey from a comedian to a multifaceted entertainment figure exemplifies his talent, innovation, and adaptability in the evolving landscape of Indian comedy and entertainment. His contributions to comedy, digital content creation, and advertising have established him as a significant figure in the industry.


Is Tanmay Bhat related to Alia Bhatt?

There is no public information or evidence suggesting that Tanmay Bhat is related to Alia Bhatt. However, Rohan Joshi, another member of the AIB group, is rumored to be dating Alia Bhatt’s elder sister, Shaheen Bhatt​​.

What had happened to Tanmay Bhat?

In 2018, Tanmay Bhat stepped away from his association with AIB following allegations of sexual harassment against a freelancer working with AIB. In 2019, he was removed from the CEO post of AIB. He also stated that he suffered from clinical depression​​.

Who is the father of Tanmay Bhat?

Tanmay Bhat’s father’s name is Arun Bhat​​​​​​.

Is Tanmay Bhat an angel investor?

Yes, Tanmay Bhat has ventured into angel investing​​​​​​​​.

Which marketing agency does Tanmay Bhat have?

Tanmay Bhat, along with Devaiah Bopanna, launched a content studio called Moonshot, which offers advertising services​​.

Which college did Tanmay Bhat go to?

Tanmay Bhat completed his graduation from R. D. National College in Bandra, Mumbai, with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising in 2010​.

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