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In the digital era where gaming has transcended from mere entertainment to a substantial online culture, Ujjwal Chaurasia, better known as Techno Gamerz, stands out as a paragon in the gaming community. 

With a channel boasting millions of subscribers, Ujjwal has become synonymous with engaging gaming content, particularly his Minecraft series which captivates a global audience. 

His journey from a young gaming enthusiast to one of the most influential gaming YouTubers in India is not just a tale of personal triumph but a beacon for many who dream of turning their passion into a profession. 

His biography is not just about the milestones he has achieved but also a testament to the sheer will and dedication that marks the rise of a digital star in the contemporary gaming landscape.

Full NameUjjwal Chaurasia
NicknameTechno Gamer
Age (As of 2022)21 years old
Date of Birth12 January 2002
Birthday12 January
Birth PlaceDelhi, India
HometownDelhi, India
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Famous ForYouTube Videos
OccupationDigital Content Creator
ProfessionYouTuber & Social media influencer
Family & GirlfriendDetails
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendUnder review
FatherUnder review
MotherUnder review
BrotherAnkit Chaurasia
SisterNot Known
Famous RelativesNot Known
Dating HistoryN/A
Marriage DateN/A
Hobbies & InterestsDetails
Net Worth5-30 crores
Salary7 lakhs Per month
Income SourceSocial Media
Favourite FoodIndian Food, Pizza, Panipuri
Favourite ActorSalman Khan
Favourite ActressAishwarya Rai
Favourite MovieRockstar
Favourite DrinkFresh Mango Juice
Favourite SubjectHistory
Favourite AnimalDog
Favourite WebsiteYouTube
Favourite ColourBlack
Favourite CarLamborghini
Favourite SingerHansraj Raghuvanshi 
HobbiesReading Books, Travelling, Playing Video games, Acting, Watching Hollywood Movies

Early Life and Interest in Gaming

Born into a nurturing environment in India that fostered his early passion for gaming, Ujjwal’s childhood was punctuated by the hours he spent engrossed in video games. It was the era of gaming consoles that introduced him to the joys of virtual quests and digital triumphs

These formative experiences with gaming consoles laid the groundwork for what would become a lifelong pursuit. His innate curiosity about gaming grew with each passing day, setting the stage for his eventual foray into content creation.

Techno gamer gamer

Ujjwal Chaurasia, also known as Techno Gamer, is a popular YouTuber who has gained a massive following for his gaming videos. He is best known for his engaging gameplay, walkthroughs, and let ‘s-play content.

Techno Gaming GTA v

One of Techno Gamer’s most viewed content series is the game “Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA V). His gameplay videos of GTA V feature missions, free roam, and various in-game antics that have garnered a significant viewership.

Techno gamer Minecraft House

In Minecraft, Techno Gamer is recognized for his creative builds, one of which includes his Minecraft house. His videos often showcase the process of building and designing unique structures in the game.

Techno Gamer date of birth

Ujjwal Chaurasia, the person behind Techno Gamer, was born on 12 January 2002.

Techno Gamer age

As of 2023, Techno Gamer is 21 years old.

Techno Gamer’s birthplace

Techno Gamer was born in Delhi, India.

Techno Gamer’s education

Details about Techno Gamer’s education are not widely publicized, reflecting his preference for keeping personal information private.

Techno gamer GF

Ujjwal Chaurasia’s girlfriend’s identity is not publicly known; he keeps his dating life private from the online sphere.

Techno Gamer GTA 5

Alongside Minecraft, Techno Gamer is also known for his “GTA 5” gameplay series, where he plays through the game’s story mode, engages in side activities, and explores the vast open world of Los Santos.

Techno gamer Minecraft

Minecraft is another game that Techno Gamer frequently features on his channel. His Minecraft videos include gameplay, challenges, and tutorials that are popular with his audience.

Techno gamer horror gaming

Techno Gamer also delves into the horror gaming genre, playing and reacting to various horror games, which adds to the diverse content on his channel.

GTA 5 techno gamer

Reiterating his popularity with the game, Ujjwal’s “GTA 5” content continues to be a significant draw for viewers on his channel, Techno Gamer.

G t a 5 techno gamer

This is another variation of search related to his “GTA 5” gameplay content.

Techno gamer height

Ujjwal Chaurasia’s (Techno Gamer’s) height is not officially disclosed but is speculated to be around the average based on images and videos.

Ujjwal Chaurasia’s height

As with his Techno Gamer persona, the exact height of Ujjwal Chaurasia is not publicly known. Though some source claim his height to be approx 5″5 Inch.

Rise to Fame

The inception of Techno Gamerz was a modest one, with Ujjwal initially treating the platform as a digital diary of his gaming exploits. However, his dedication to sharing high-quality gameplay, coupled with his affable personality, struck a chord with viewers. 

Minecraft, a game celebrated for its creative freedom, became the centerpiece of his channel. His knack for crafting engaging narratives within the game’s sandbox environment propelled his channel to new heights, earning him the adoration and loyalty of a diverse and growing audience.

Techno Gamerz and Minecraft

Ujjwal’s Minecraft streams are a vibrant tapestry of storytelling and strategic gameplay, which keep his audience coming back for more. These streams go beyond mere entertainment; they are a showcase of Ujjwal’s creativity, strategic thinking, and ability to connect with fans. 

His influence extends beyond his channel, contributing significantly to the surge in Minecraft’s popularity in India, and inspiring a new generation to delve into the world of block-based construction and adventure.

Content Creation and Strategy

The content on Techno Gamerz is a testament to Ujjwal’s understanding of the digital landscape. His videos are meticulously crafted, ensuring that each one is not just a visual treat but also rich with keywords and phrases that enhance their SEO value. 

This strategic approach has made his content a staple in the search results of gaming enthusiasts, further expanding his reach.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Navigating the competitive waters of YouTube gaming content creation is no mean feat. Ujjwal has faced his share of challenges, from the pressure to consistently produce content that resonates with viewers to staying ahead of the trends within the gaming community. 

His response to these hurdles has been one of resilience and adaptability, qualities that have cemented his status in the gaming world.

Personal Life and Interests

While gaming is at the heart of Techno Gamerz, Ujjwal occasionally offers glimpses into his personal life, sharing his interests and thoughts with an audience that values the person behind the screen as much as the content. This personal touch has fostered a sense of community among his viewers and has been integral to his enduring popularity.

Net Worth Complexity

As the calendar pages turned to June 2022, the fiscal tapestry of Ujjwal Chaurasia, professionally heralded as Techno Gamerz, was estimated to be intricately woven with threads valuing approximately $2 million, a figure posited by a confluence of analytical sources

The illustrious Red Bull India has tethered its brand to Ujjwal’s rising star, a patronage that undoubtedly fortifies his financial bastion while concurrently endowing him with multifaceted benefits. 

Invoking the standard fiscal yardsticks employed by Net Worth Spot, predicated on the prevalent YouTube monetization metrics ranging from $3 to $7 per million views, it’s projected that the Techno Gamerz channel’s annual revenue cascades to an astonishing $8.16 million.

Personal Life Intricacies

The tapestry of Ujjwal’s personal saga remains predominantly shrouded, with sparse threads detailing his life beyond the digital gaming arena and the fraternal encouragement that fueled his YouTube odyssey. The intricacies of his personal affiliations, including his romantic entanglements and familial ties, dwell in the shadow realm of privacy.

Social Media Presence Burstiness

Ujjwal’s digital footprint on Instagram is colossal, with his primary account, “Ujjwal gamer,” boasting a follower legion of 2,140,191, each post basking in an average of 262,682 endorsements.

SocialBlade attests to his robust engagement ratio of 12.45%, with his feed being a mosaic of self-portraits, slices of his quotidian existence, gaming highlights, and collaborative ventures with titans like Netflix.

His alternate Instagram handle, “Techno_Gamerz”, commands a following of 974,000 with each post accruing an average of 120,000 likes, serving as a beacon for subscriber milestones and proclamations for his YouTube channel.

On YouTube, his secondary channel, “Ujjwal”, capitalizes on his pre-established notoriety, magnetizing 7.91 million subscribers and amassing in excess of 758 million views, predominantly through live streams and gaming vignettes.

His Twitter persona, “Ujjwal Chaurasia”, is trailed by 116,200 followers, with his musings and updates garnering a wealth of retweets and approvals.

Content on YouTube Intricacies

The content Ujjwal curates for his primary YouTube channel predominantly revolves around gaming narratives, with his digital offerings routinely breaching the million-view threshold and accruing a formidable tally of approbations. His publication cadence oscillates between bi-daily to tri-daily intervals.

In one example, Ujjwal’s engagement with the game “Grandpa and Granny Two Hunters” has captivated over 10 million viewers.

In another, his interaction with the game “Just Draw” has etched impressions on over 13 million viewers.

His traversal through the vehicular physics of “BeamNG” has been witnessed by over 12 million viewers.

A virtual foray into the realm of GTA V has captivated an audience exceeding 30 million viewers.

Interesting Facts Burstiness

The Instagram sphere has authenticated his Ujjwalgamer account, a nod to his 2 million-strong follower battalion.

This digital savant, at the tender age of 18, inaugurated his YouTube journey during the summer of 2017 at 15 years of age.

To commemorate his ascent to a decamillion follower count on YouTube, Ujjwal unfurled his maiden musical venture, “GAME ON,” a lyrical chronicle of his expedition from obscurity to digital renown.

Ujjwal’s influence has magnetized promotional partnerships with mobile technology conglomerates such as Sony, Vivo, and Oppo.


Ujjwal Chaurasia’s journey as Techno Gamerz is more than just a success story; it is a narrative that underscores the power of passion aligned with strategic insight. His approach to content creation and community building within the gaming world has not only set a benchmark for others but also ensures that his legacy will inspire future generations of content creators.

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