Anurag Dobhal (UK07 Rider): Monthly Income, Net Worth, GF, and Bike

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Net WorthRs 1.5 Crore
Age25 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth DateSeptember 18, 1996
Total Followers7.31 million subscribers on YouTube
ParentsFather: Jagdamba Prasad Dobhal, Mother: Kalaa
UK07 rider income per monthRs 5 Lakh
YouTube Channel NameThe UK07 Rider
Current ResidenceDehradun, Uttarakhand
Notable Bike(s)KTM RC 200, Kawasaki Z900, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Suzuki Hayabusa


In a world where passion and persistence often pave the path to success, Anurag Dobhal, popularly known as “The UK07 Rider,” stands as a remarkable example. His journey from a small village in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, to becoming a renowned moto vlogger and social media influencer is a narrative filled with challenges, triumphs, and unwavering determination. This blog aims to explore the life of Anurag, shedding light on his struggles, successes, and the impact he has made in the digital world.

Early Life and Formative Years

Born into a lower-middle-class family on September 18, 1996, Anurag’s childhood was marked by financial constraints and health challenges. His father, a mathematics teacher, and his mother, a homemaker, struggled to make ends meet while also managing Anurag’s medical expenses due to his early diagnosis of a brain tumor and subsequent battle with asthma. These early life trials, however, laid the foundation for Anurag’s resilience and fighting spirit.

Academic Pursuits and the Dream of Vlogging

Anurag’s academic journey was a testament to his dedication and hard work. After achieving an impressive 95% in his 12th class examinations, he pursued higher education at Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in Dehradun. Simultaneously, he nurtured a growing interest in moto vlogging, a passion that would soon define his career. His desire for a KTM 200 bike, a symbol of his vlogging aspirations, led him to take up part-time tutoring jobs, showcasing his commitment to his dreams.

The Ascent to Moto Vlogging Stardom

In 2018, Anurag officially embarked on his vlogging journey with his first bike, a KTM RC 200. He created his YouTube channel, “The UK07 Rider,” and began sharing his travel experiences. His vlogs, characterized by authentic storytelling and engaging content, rapidly gained popularity, not just in India, but also in neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. His visit to the Pakistan-Kartarpur Corridor as the first moto vlogger marked a significant milestone in his vlogging career.

Turbulence in Personal Life

Anurag’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Nepalese moto vlogger Savya Kc, was a rollercoaster of emotions. Their bond, forged on the Indo-Nepal border, blossomed into a relationship that captivated their followers. However, the relationship ended in a controversial breakup, deeply affecting Anurag. The aftermath of this relationship saw him withdrawing from social media and seeking solace in the spiritual retreats of Haridwar and Rishikesh.

Controversy and Challenge in ‘Bigg Boss Season 17’

Anurag’s foray into mainstream media through ‘Bigg Boss Season 17‘ in 2023 was a notable chapter in his life. During the show, he found himself amidst controversies, notably accusing the show of bias towards certain contestants. This contention, along with the revelation that he had not auditioned but was invited to the show, led to a dramatic turn of events. Anurag’s decision to leave the show mid-season, accepting a hefty penalty, was a bold statement of his principles and integrity.

Commitment to Philanthropy and Community Service

Beyond his online persona, Anurag is deeply committed to philanthropic efforts. His charitable activities range from donations to orphanages to providing medical assistance and supporting families in need. His gesture of gifting an E-rickshaw to a woman to help her family earn a livelihood is a testament to his compassionate nature.


Anurag Dobhal’s life story is a beacon of hope and inspiration. From battling life-threatening illnesses in childhood to carving a niche in the competitive world of moto vlogging and making a mark in the hearts of millions, his journey is a testament to the power of perseverance. Anurag continues to inspire a generation of young enthusiasts, proving that with determination and hard work, any dream is achievable.

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